NFT frontrunning:: Most NFT marketplaces are moving towards "Lazy minting", which lets you create NFTs for free. Instead of having to pay upfront cost just to list an NFT to a marketplace, now users can post keep their NFTs offchain until someone purchases it. The NFT is minted ONLY when a purchase is made.

This is great, but it also means your NFT is NOT registered on the blockchain until someone purchases it. This means someone can copy your NFT files and list them on another marketplace and claim intellectual property. Avoid this situation by timestamping your IPFS hashes on a blockchain, for FREE.

What is Hashchain?

Hashchain is a virtual blockchain powered by IPFS, Ethereum, and Polygon, designed for timestamping files
  1. Timestamp: Hashchain timestamps a collection of user submitted files every 10 minutes onto a virtual "block" powered by IPFS. The IPFS hash is posted to Polygon, an Ethereum sidechain, which is then pegged to Ethereum.
  2. Authenticate: Hashchain NOT ONLY timestamps your files, but also lets you claim ownership by letting you sign your files with your Ethereum wallet before timestamping. If someone uploads your asset and makes false claims, you can always prove you had the file earlier.
  3. Free: Hashchain is FREE to use. You do not need to make a transaction. You simply sign the IPFS hash with your Ethereum wallet and submit to Hashchain. Because the transaction fee is significantly low on the sidechain, Hashchain can afford to timestamp files for FREE.